Epic Bites has a small location on the Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood Florida. The biggest Farmers Market in Florida so far and growing. Chef Michael open his joint almost 2017 to present the new wave of German cuisine. The German Street Food cuisine. Every Saturday and Sunday Epic Bites is open from 9am till 4:00pm.

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Chef Michel turns traditional German dishes to Street Food Snacks. For example, the Sauerbraten, a German pot roast, usually served with red cabbage and bread dumpling. In Street Food Version, Chef Michael served this dish as pulled beef, with red cabbage in pretzel hoagie and extra gravy to dunk in it.

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The star of Epic Bites German Street Food is the signature Curry Ketchup. Chef Michael created 2 versions of this German classic Ketchup. The Original recipe and the Fire who is spicy. The Inspiration to bottle his recipe came from Food Network Star Guy Fieri. When Chef Michael prepared his Curry Ketchup on the Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Guy told him this sauce is a bomb you should bottle it. 1 year later it was fulfilled and Chef Michael started selling his product in the Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood, with Ubereats, Doordash, Postmates, . Now also available in our online shop.


But that’s not all. Epic Bites is known for more than German Street Food. You see Epic Bites on Festivals and big events, and also for fine dining events. The verity of cuisine is huge. Chef Michael is also known for wine pairing menus and is cooperating with based in Aventura Florida.

Whatever you are looking for. Epic Bites will create the right menu for your event. 


December 2019 Epic Bites open up a new location in Miami and choose the way to open it up as a virtual restaurant. Epic Bites partnered up with the biggest delivery companies in the USA. Ubereats, Doordash, Grubhub, and Postmates. Chef Michael was able to have a bigger menu and can show what the German Street Food trend has to offer. But this was not enough, Chef Michael want to increase the potential of the Epic Bites virtual restaurant concept and he created 2 more brands like Big Hot Dog Energy and Sandwich Purists.

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Big Hot Dog Energy has the most delicious Hot Dog you can imagine. Galaxies away from the gas station hot dogs you maybe tried when this was the last resort to eat something warm. The sausages are fire-grilled on a lava stone grill. Freshly toasted buns and fresh toppings. You have to give it a try when you are a hot dog fan.

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Sandwich Purists is a unique open-faced sandwich concept, really fresh, healthy, low carb, gluten-free and high in protein. You can't find anything similar and more delicious like that. With Sandwich Purists chef Michael created something that he has learned in Germany for years. Vegetarian cuisine! Chef Michael was one of the first vegetarian trained chefs in Germany. He worked for 4 years in the first and most successful vegetarian restaurant in Germany. Die Goldene Gans (The golden goose) in the early 90s chef Michael started as an apprentice in this vegetarian restaurant and learned to cook different cuisines and work with exotic spices and ingredients. So he decided to go back to his roots and created an open sandwich concept that has sandwiches for vegans, vegetarians, and the flexitarians. These sandwiches are gluten-free and high in protein. Overall, healthy and delicious

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